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Access to working capital is critical for turning a business owner’s vision into reality.
As a true financial partner, we deliver innovative and comprehensive financing solutions with a personal touch.
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About Your Corp Funding Pro.

We are a reputable company that leads your business to success. Our main goal is for you to understand the critical & vital role that capital (as a business source) plays in the success of your business. That is why; whether at its early stage or growth stage you must make an effort to have a reliable source of raising capital to meet the financial need of the business. We want every businessman to have the best possible resources because it will determine the stability & long term success of your business. At Corp Funding Pro, we have trained personnel with the experience to structure your business both to meet your financial requirements and goal for success. Be assured that we will endeavor to create a financial source for your business’ growth through a business credit

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Services That We Offer

Traditional Financing


WORKING Capital loans, also known as operating business capital, is a short-term financing option to pay for the daily needs of running a business. Every company needs capital to operate and grow.

You can use the funds to pay for any business expense including office space rent, buying inventory, paying salaries, and equipment purchases.

WORKING Capital options are designed with speed, simplicity, and no required collateral or personal guarantee. It’s a fast and flexible solution that can be funded on the day of the initial application. Flexible repayments can be remitted daily, weekly, or monthly and are deducted automatically from your business banking account.

Up to 2 million, 24 month terms, no collateral needed, funding in 48 hours

Traditional Business Financing Solutions

Asset- Based Financing

Maximize All your Resources

Goverment Contract Financing

Leverage Your hard Work

Inventory Financing

Trun Material to Case

Invoice Factoring

Accelerate Your cash

Equipment Financing

Build your Business

Purchase Order Financing

Don’t wait for Your Cash

Recreational Vechicle Dealers

Expand Your Floor

Food Truck Financing

Roll Out Your Fleet

Project Financing

Get The Capital You Need


A one-on-one dialogue is our trademark response to inquiring referral partners and potential clients.
With purposeful discussion and discovery, we quickly assess the goals, working capital needs, and financial
health of a business to provide a foundation for designing a custom solution.

Specialty Financing Solutions

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Own your Business Property

E- Commerce Financing

Grow Your product sales

Franchise Financing

Finance Your Dream


Leverage Your Savings

Securites Backed line of Credit

Leverage your investments

Family Offices/Hedge Fund Financing

Levergae Your Hedge

Mergers & Acquisition Financing

Build Your Business Empire

Startup Financing

Launch Your Business

Senior Debt Financing

Consolidate Your Debt

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

Get Your Government- Backed Capital

Airplane Financing

The Sky is the Limit

Real Estate Financing Solutions

Construction Financing

We Have a Solution

Church Financing

Ready to Expand

Hospital Financing

Expandability is Easy

Hospitality Financing

Grab hold of the Funds

Renewable Energy Financing

Go Green and Save

Mezzanine Financing

You're in the Right Place

Bridge Loan Financing

Bridge the Gap

Benefits of Doing Business With Us

There are lots of benefits you can get when you consult Business Credit Professionals like us to help you and there are loads of benefits that come with that, including but not limited to:

  • You can give the business a separate identity: Separate the business credit from your personal credit so you can protect your personal finances.
  • You can build a credit reputation for your business by forming the habit of paying your creditor in good time. Let your lenders and supplier build a notion around your business for prompt payment.
  • Ease of obtaining business loans or Easier for you to qualify for a loan: Many banks would be more disposed to granting business loans to your business if it has a sound credit score.
  • You may know how to establish a good business credit score in order for you to get an access to cash easily for expansion and business growth.
  • Keep track of your Business Credit and fix errors and inaccurate information. One of the best ways to do this is by engaging an expert like us in business credit repair to do the verifications for you on a regular basis.
  • Suppliers Trust: When you run a business that is reputed for a high credit score, be rest assured that such an enterprise stands to enjoy trust from suppliers because the business’ credit score is indicative of capacity to pay the debt as at when due.
  • Friendly Interest Rates or Better Loan Terms: When your business has a high credit score, banks and other lenders will charge you interests at rates that are friendly compared to businesses with lower credit scores. That is because your business credit score shows the business to be a less risky borrower.

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We Do It All For You 80/20 Rule.

All features listed in the STANDARD PROGRAM done by us FOR YOU.

  • $100,000 Minimum Guarantee in Business Funding and Credit
  • 12 months of Business Credit Coaching Services
  • Business Credit Builder Program
  • 20 Point Compliance Checklist to meet Credibility Standards
  • 411 Listing Setup
  • EIN Setup Access
  • Business Name and Address Approval Criteria Check
  • Business Bank Account Approval Criteria Check
  • Merchant Account Setup Assist
  • Business Credit Repair with D&B, Experian, and Equifax

Starting at $4000 or payment plan of $425 a month for 12 months

*Certain restrictions may apply

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Collaborative Design

Having direct access to a flexible, collaborative financing partner with creative ideas is equally as important as access to capital.
Together, we’ll structure a financing solution tailored to the specific strengths and needs of any business.
After all, our extensive experience has shown us that one size DOES NOT fit all.

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We love what we do. And finding ways to help business owners make the most of what they do is what really gets us going.
Let’s talk about how we can work together to design a unique financial solution that’s a perfect fit.

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