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Lessons In Pranayama

T he following lessons comprise a six month study period. Begin with Lesson One and at your own pace, read and apply the entire set of lessons. You may find some lessons more difficult to assimilate than others, but attempt to establish a regular pace of one lesson every two weeks. These lessons include the crux of Sankhya and Yoga philosophy, the personal experiences and discoveries of Sankara Saranam, and an introduction to the practice of both basic and advanced techniques of Hatha and Raja Yoga Pranayama.

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Lesson One
    -- Fitting the practice of Pranayama in one's daily life in the modern world
Lesson Two
    -- Sankhya philosophy arriving at Pranayama as the solution to human existence
Lesson Three
    -- The breath, the mind, the soul, and their relationship to prana
Lesson Four
    -- Pranayama techniques from the schools of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Mantra Yoga
Lesson Five
    -- Pranayama techniques from the schools of Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga
Lesson Six
    -- The three greatest pitfalls and four greatest delusions in the practice of Pranayama
Lesson Seven
    -- Advanced secret aids in the practice of all forms of Pranayama
Lesson Eight
    -- The schools of Tantra, Bhakti, Laya, and Karma Yoga
Lesson Nine
    -- The experiences of Yogis in the practice of Pranayama
Lesson Ten
    -- The nature of spirituality, bliss, consciousness, and knowledge
Lesson Eleven
    -- Past masters of Pranayama and the lessons their lives teach us
Lesson Twelve
    -- Race, religion, nationality, and gender from the perspective of Yogis