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The Nature of Spirituality, Bliss, Consciousness, and Knowledge

With advancement on the Yogic path, those who practice Pranayama will discover that the highest manifestation of spirituality is in the stillness of the breathless state and that the greatest expression of stillness is the experience of unconditioned Bliss. Spirituality, like religion, may be different things to different people, but also like religion it has only one underlying principle which pervades all practices and goals. One's spirituality, in order for it to be something of real value, must bestow upon the practitioner the ability to quickly calm the body, center the mind, still the thoughts and breath, and relax the heart. Once this is accomplished, the real gems of spiritual practice will shine in the consciousness of the Yogi. Many call themselves spiritual yet claim that Yoga is not necessary in order to be truly spiritual. However, one who has the ability to still the breath, heart, and mind at will is, by definition, a Yogi whether they know it or not and whether they practiced a definite science of life-force control or not. One who does not have these abilities is not spiritual but rather is merely working toward becoming spiritual. Yoga is a universal truth whose scientific principles cannot be limited to India, ancient times, or even this planet or time itself. Those who are masters of their breath and mind are the spiritual of the world, the rest only practice spirituality. Those who strive for spirituality but find they need a definite system of mind-control are freely invited to receive and practice the timeless teachings of Yoga Pranayama and so transform their bodies and brains into the altars of spiritual perception.

Though most Yogis are not atheistic, God is not referred to as most religions would have you believe in God. The nature of God to Yogis is Bliss. God is Bliss. But that is not all. This Bliss is ever new. The Bliss which is God to Yogis can never become stale or old or boring. It is infinite and transcends time, space, and all causality. It is not a Bliss which has a beginning and an end. This Bliss, even if experienced for a brief moment, will give you a vision of eternity. The all of everything, which most religions refer to simply as God, can be known with even a particle of this infinite Bliss. Those few great Yogis established in this Bliss feel it as an overwhelming ecstasy constantly throughout their lives. When death arrives these Yogis throw off their bodies and merge into the ocean of cosmic Bliss even as a swimmer would take off his or her clothes and dive into the waters. Life, death, matter, thought, light, and darkness are all dissolved in the sea of endless Bliss. United with this Bliss Yogis gain power over all creation, powers that the world's religions would only dare subscribe to God Himself. Yogis that are one with the cosmic ocean of Bliss can create worlds, know the number of hairs on every head, and are aware of the electrons whirling in distant stars.

This Bliss is experienced throughout eternity in an ever present omnipresent Now. Bliss is not known to the Yogi, but rather the Yogi is this Bliss. Bliss is not an eternal sleep for the Yogi but rather this Bliss is ever conscious of Itself. Consciousness pervades equally every speck of creation and beyond. This Bliss knows Itself, not as we know ourselves, but inasmuch as Bliss is inherently Itself infinite awareness and is the receptacle of all knowledge and power. All the secrets of nature are stored in an infinitesimally small fraction of Bliss. The whole knowledge of creation is but a minute particle of the ocean of Bliss. Once the Yogi has united with this cosmic Bliss, there remains nothing to be known and nothing to be attained.

It may be hard to understand, but the secret to realizing this Bliss which is both the source and the all-pervading principle of our lives and creation is intimately linked to the mastery of the breath. Pranayama, that simple yet high holy science of Bliss-realization, is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the body which is the door to the ocean of cosmic Bliss. We don't have to look any farther than ourselves, our very minds and breath, for the source and Joy from which all things came. No church can give this Bliss to you, you won't find it in any temple, and no mosque can lock in the secrets of the eternal Bliss. Only in the inner sanctuary of the spine and brain, verily the altars of Bliss perception, will you find what your heart craves. Books of beliefs will get you nowhere. They cannot give you Bliss. Only the mastery of the breath can yield union with Bliss. Have no other dogma in your mind. Hold nothing in this world as sacred but that one opportunity which life presents to unravel the mysteries of the breath and mind which, when solved, will deliver forth the endless treasure of cosmic supreme Bliss. If this state truly exists as Yogis claim then you need look no further. If this state does not exist then there is nothing anywhere to look for anyway. Believe nothing blindly, but practice the methods of Pranayama. You will receive great benefit even after one day of practice.

The nature of spirituality is interwoven with the principles of Pranayama. The principles upon which Pranayama are based are as old as time itself. With the creation of this universe and humanity came the holy method of Yoga which allows the beings created by Bliss to return to the ocean of Bliss. Consciousness seemingly divides itself endlessly through the agency of cosmic delusion. Our task is to return to that unified Consciousness which is Bliss, Eternalness, Knowledge, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Love. Bliss has made our task very simple though we make it difficult. The important thing to remember is that the Yogi need not attain anything. Nothing needs to be gained or earned. As my Master would say, "If I thought I had to earn the Bliss of God, I wouldn't even try." Our only job is to remember. That Bliss is not only ours, it is us. Go back to Bliss, go back home, realize your oneness with eternal Bliss. The nightmare of life will not haunt you ever again.