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Race, Religion, Nationality, and Gender from the Perspective of Yogis

Strictly speaking, the soul is not limited nor can it be qualified by race, religion, nationality, or gender. As the human being is fundamentally a soul which resides in and works through a body, no human can ultimately identify himself or herself with any limiting idea and still maintain a true vision of the Self residing in all things. We take birth at certain periods of time in the history of the human race, but the soul which we are has taken many births. The soul, being birthless, is also deathless and beyond time and causality. We may live and often identify ourselves with the century we are formed in, but the true Self is eternal.

Yogis who have opened the omniscient eye do not classify human beings according to the narrow confines of race, religion, nationality, or gender. Even the soul of a human being is not a human soul but rather a soul which has simply went through the various forms of life and finally evolved its mode of expression to suit the house of the human body. The soul has no skin color nor even any skin, although it does have sheaths which hide its omnipresent nature. One of the functions of Yoga Pranayama is to dissolve and so remove those confining sheaths. These sheaths are much finer than the sheath of flesh and skin our bodies are enclosed in. If you cannot go beyond the sheath of your skin and its color, and perhaps more importantly the skin color of other human beings, then you will never be ready to dissolve the finer sheaths of ignorance and spiritual blindness. Avoid identifying yourself with the race your body belongs to. Fight for social and spiritual freedom for all human beings equally. The race of the soul is consciousness. Its flesh is energy. Your heritage is Bliss.

Considering that there is ultimately only one road to Divine Bliss, the road of the spine and brain, it is amazing to see how many thousands of conflicting religions have risen in the history of the human race. Still, all the great Yogis of the past treated people of varying religious backgrounds equally. Bliss is not Christian or Jewish or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist. Those great Yogis who have merged with Bliss see no difference between one religion and the next. Rather, through penetrating intuition they are made instantly aware of an individual's past lives, karma, and degree of receptivity to higher spiritual teachings. In the final analysis, there are really only two kinds of people in the world. Either you are actively seeking the Bliss within or you are seeking that Bliss in the sensory life where it will never be found. Bliss is the only religion of the world, but everyone practices their religious life a bit differently. Some seek Bliss in family and friends, or work and money, or possessions and fame, or security and creature comforts, or legacy and personality, or sex and romance. Others seek Bliss in beliefs and doctrine, or books and their ideas, or politics and social reform, or changing others and living healthily, or entertainment and laziness, or God and their country. The Yogi, however, seeks Bliss in the only place it can be found, within.

One of Gandhi's most well-known lines runs, "Love and I drew a circle, and it included the whole world." As much as Gandhi loved India, he was more a lover of all nations and humanity. Gandhi's love for India was only an expression of his strong nationalism for the whole world as one nation of the human race. One must be loyal to one's country, but that loyalty must not turn into a nationalism that excludes other countries and other people. Bliss is boundless and knows no artificial boundaries. As individualized reflections of Bliss, our thoughts and actions must conform with the true nature of reality which is free of limiting ideas that exclude others and keep us narrow-minded. Be loyal to the world and all of creation. Do right by your country because it is right and best for all people. Fight for truth within and beyond your country's borders because no nation can stand where injustice is served. Every nation must serve humanity as one larger Self. Work to make your country strong because by so doing you may be of service to other nations and so make all countries stronger. Respect human-made borders but have no border in your heart between one nation and the next.

According to Yoga science, each gender has its strengths and weaknesses where realizing Bliss is concerned. The soul passes through lives as both a man and a woman. The more one practices Pranayama the more one will unfailingly identify oneself with the eternal instead of the temporal. Ultimately, the soul is sexless but in relation to the Infinite Bliss all souls are considered as negative (feminine) against the one positive vibration of Spirit. With the realization of infinite consciousness, that negative current becomes a positive one. Hence only those who have attained spiritual enlightenment can be considered truly positive. Each one of us is endowed with a role to play in the school of life. We must all play our roles, but do not identify yourself with your role. It is only temporary. Give more time to seeking the Bliss within and you will see how incapable you are of taking your role too seriously. You are not a man or a woman, you are the ocean of Bliss. Remember through breathlessness the various roles you have played throughout history and you will find you are at a loss as to which role you should identify yourself with. Fight for both genders, excluding no one, and never second guess others simply based on their gender.

The more you see others the way the Yogis see humanity, the less you will be able to hate another person are think ill of another individual or be angry at others. Those who have not found a love for all humanity have not found the Bliss within. You don't need to wear your heart on your sleeve, but never do ill to another person in thought or deed. Ever be ready to serve others as the opportunity arises. Be free of all prejudices. Remember the love you have for a dear friend or family member and give that love impartially to all. If you could see reality as it truly is you would find that you are one with everyone and everyone and everything is a part of you. Always recall the unifying ocean of Bliss in which all things float even thoough you have not as yet been able to merge your consciousness with it. By constantly remembering your kinship with all people and all things you will race toward the infinite.