I guarantee that 100 KBC Coins will be backed by 1 g gold on the Golden Independence Day 4 of July 2019 !

Harald Seiz, CEO, boldly made that proclamation on his public facebook page a few days after his world tour concluded in Miami on Oct 21, 2018. Currently 1g of Karatbars Gold costs about $65.00 - a great price for kinebar grade gold. On Golden Independence Day, July 4, 2019 you will be able to exchange 100 KBC coins for 1g of gold.

OK, so how to calculate your percentage gain:

  1. See how much 1 KBC coin will cost you now at Coinmarketcap. Right now, it costs 1.4 cents.
  2. Multiply that value by 100. In this case, that means you can get 100 KBC right now for 140 cents or $1.40
  3. On Golden Independence Day, July 4 2019, those 100 KBC can be exchanged for 1g of gold. The retail price fluctuates. But let's assume it costs $65 for 1g of kinebar grade gold.
  4. Divide 65 / 1.40 to see your gain. In this case, it is more than a 40-fold gain.

So that's a nice 40-fold gain on your bread on July 4, 2019.

Live proclamation: "On Golden Independence Day, July 4, 2019, you get 1g of Gold for 100 KBC coins... that means 40 cents per coin"

Would you like to be patient?

Furthermore, the explicitly stated 5 year target is for one 1 KBC coin for 1g gold. That represents an additional 100-fold gain in value over the initial 50-fold gain, for a total 5000-fold gain. That means those same 100 KBC coins acquired now would be worth 100 grams of gold 5 years from now. Using the same market values for 1g gold and presuming the US dollar is still around 5 years from now, $1.30 would yield $6,000 in 5 years.

Roughly $200.00 of KBC now would be 1.2 million dollars worth of gold in 5 years. And because you are dealing with gold it doesnt really matter what happens in any nation's economy because gold is a medium of exchange in every nation and every period of time for mankind.

How do I get it?

Join my team in Karatbars as an affiliate. I will call you and guide you.