Breakthrough in Mortgage Cancellation

Jimmy and his team of Fraud fighters have raised the stakes and upped the ante, as they say, as they help our members sue private bankers for fraud on many levels. 
A new development has given them even more ammunition in this fight against the organized criminal racket of home stealing by the entire banking industry and their judicial accomplices.  
They are now finding, and able to prove a high level of 'Forgery' in addition to all the fraud which comes up in the forensic audits. 
The result is that about half the cases will go to settlement quickly which means the defrauded mortgage holder gets the mortgage cancelled, no more payments, home free and clear, expenses and damages paid as negotiated on a case by case basis. 
The other half of the cases go directly to an 'Evidentiary Hearing' where it's 'Game Over' and the price of settlement goes up. 
Anyone with a mortgage from a national bank or national mortgage company which involves securitization of the mortgage (local credit unions or possibly state chartered banks excepted) can get after these bankers for fraud and forgery, challenge the fraud in court, and have a great chance of coming out smelling like a rose! 
It all starts with our C-104 Kill the Mortgage Package.  Go to and scroll down to C-104. 
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