Credit Leasing - Make 6 or 7 figures a year using your credit

Tested and Proven – Relationship Established – Integrity Confirmed
No Cost - - No Up-Front Fee - -
No Out-of-Pocket Fee - - No Investment

Over one year of due diligence has been completed on a company that not only loans you currency, but puts in place the mechanisms to make sure that the loan is paid back automatically! How many times have you taken out a loan or used a credit card and then had trouble paying it back? Well, it's time to end that!

     For those who don't have the required qualifications, you need not feel left out.  You can partner with us as affiliates, and receive commissions for qualified referrals.  Furthermore, we have powerful credit repair and credit boosting services to get your personal credit profile to where it needs to be to participate in this cycle of abundance.

     This means for corporations with the right credit profile and income, one to two million dollars can be realized that does not have to be repaid, because it is part of a larger amount of credit issued which is invested with sufficient returns to cover the debt service and interest.  
The client is guaranteed under contract to have no liability for such repayment. 

     Likewise for individuals who have a 750+ credit score and $80,000+ per year in verifiable income, six figures in funding can be obtained via the same process described above, with no need to repay.   Therefore here is a formula to create wealth fairly quickly even for individuals who at present may not have such a corporation at present. 

      There is no up-front fee or cost to enroll in this program.  The company's fees are taken out of the profits generated, so it is a zero-risk proposal for clients.  This can work worldwide as well, although arrangements in each country vary on a case-by-case basis. 
     The most important part of our due diligence was in referring clients to this service and watching to see if it worked for them.  It did.  They got funded.  We have seen the proof and it is verified.  In addition, we have spent over one year investigating many other aspects of this service, and developing a relationship with the CEO.

The details

 •          Stop using your credit as debt.  Instead, use credit as a vehicle to profit.

•          Corporations:  Upon approval, lease your credit and receive typically seven figures - - $1M to $2M and more.  This is paid in installments. 

•          Individuals:  If you are approved, lease your credit and receive a minimum of $10,000.  The goal is to take you into $100,000 and beyond. Many individuals have received $200,000 to $600,000 and more.  This is paid in installments.  After personal funding via a credit joint venture, the next step, if you wish, is to get set up for corporate funding at $1,000,000 and above.


  •  As part of the partnership, debt elimination is offered. (Optional)
  • A trust set up to reduce taxes and enhance estate planning. (Optional)
  • Passive income in the form a Life Insurance Strategy. (Optional)
  • Credit repair is offered as a way to bring in partners and enhancement when needed. (Optional)

                Their magic is achieved by first applying powerful credit enhancement techniques, if necessary, to raise one’s credit score even higher.  Then they get lines of credit issued on your behalf into the six figures.  They are partnered with a hedge fund that has the 20 to 1 leverage ability that big banks do.  Hence the loan capital they source based on your credit is increased 20 to 1, and entered into high-speed low-risk trading.  The profits from the trading create the company's percentages, the payments to you, and commissions to the affiliates who referred you.  

                They are contractually obligated for 100% of the paydown of the credit utilized.  In other words, the client is never responsible to pay back the debt.  It is paid back automatically by a portion of the returns on investment, and is totally the responsibility of the General Partner, not the JV Partner (the client).  It is a win-win-win situation for everyone. 

         If this interests you, then call/text Terrence Brannon at 818-359-0893 and I will schedule a time for you to get all your questions answered.