How to Assess a Potential Investment

Deposit, profit, withdraw... wouldn't it be wonderful if it worked with 100% probability? The only certain investment gains are the 2% annual return on your savings account... wow, with an inflation rate 3 times that, I am not getting excited.

Having lost way more than I've gained following the pipe dream of stable high-yield investments, I felt obligated to put this guide together with some things you should look at when considering an investment.

Documented Track Record

You see that thorough documentation of trading results? THAT, my friends is what you must demand of anyone before you put money into their system. 

Long Track Record

If you want to reap profits from an investment year after year, wouldn't it make sense to take advantage of an investment that has already done that year after year? It certainly would. Too bad that advice has been lost on me time and time again, to the tune of several thousand bucks. I realize there is a huge desire to "ride the wave" or "strike where the iron is hot". But do realize that you may be playing with fire.

Open to Questions

I dont handle questions well. It comes from a personality defect of mine. I'm high-strung. I expect to be treated like royalty and respected without question: how darest thou question his highness!!!  Off with his head!!

At any rate, as long as decapitation is not an option, you should question the person you want to invest in and they better be open to questions if they want your money to invest with. Don't be intimidated or rushed into a contract. Sleep on it and do the other things you should do before getting into an agreement.

Are you sending money to someone else?

Are you controlling your own funds or are your funds being sent somewhere else? Are your funds insured? What if the provider of the investment vehicle becomes unavailable? 

Are they running a legitimate business?

I saw a great ad on Craigslist for trading forex. He texted me a screenshot of 1 day of earnings (i.e., failed the 1 year performance proof test). He tried to rush to get me to commit to depositing 10,000 of live money after 1-2 days of a demo account. His name was "Ron"... how do you think he would've responded if I asked for his last name? My other article which discusses how to do business with people and businesses of course applies to assessing an investment. I can imagine getting hung up on if I had asked the following questions:

  1. Do you have a LinkedIn profile?
  2. Where is your website?
  3. Do you have a registered business?
  4. Can I speak to some of your non high-profile clients?
  5. Why do you only take a few people and then close  your service?