Karatbars from A to Z

This is an introductory guide designed to give someone a gentle orientation to gold and Karatbars.

Gold preserves value. The US Dollar (and Euro, etc) all lose value.

Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words and the above picture summarizes things pretty well:

if you want to preserve your wealth and the wealth of your progeny, it needs to be in real money (gold) and perhaps real estate, but not in a government-issued currency with no intrinsic worth.

Historically, they all devalue to zero, so your chances of preserving your wealth in them are slim to none. Currency crashes happen quickly and without notice.

The mission of Karatbars is (1) to help the average person amass wealth in gold (2) return the world to HONEST MONEY

The myriad of ways that Karatbars achieves these two things will be discussed below.

7 years ago, Karatbars was real simple

Before Bitcoin and blockchain were hip, Karatbars was very simple. If you wanted to save in gold, great. If you wanted to get gold for free, refer a handful of people who also saved in gold and your gold was free. Get busy and build a team and create a healthy income for yourself.

And back then Karatbars also built a shoppers network - where you could spend Karatbars gold for goods and services. It was called the K-exchange. And it was great for small businesses, instead of losing 2.75% to Visa and Mastercard on each transaction, you profited 1% when you cashed in your gold to Karatbars.

And these options are still available today and they are still damned good options. Why worry about the day to day price of gold, when a small network of 5 or 10 people makes your gold free? And when those people refer a few people you actually are paid to save in gold!

Then Bitcoin and blockchain came along...

Bitcoin and blockchain were a novel contribution to the world of finance. First, it was not an instrument issued by a bunch of stuffy bankers. It was issued anonymously. Second, it grew more in a day than most traditional investments could do in a year or a decade.

The blockchain as a technology made finance appealing because all transactions could be transparent. No more depositing gold with the Federal Reserve and then wondering what they did with it when you come to get it.

Karatbars adapts to cryptocurrency

Karatbars issued a cryptocurrency, KBC via an initial coin offering. They raised 100 million euros, which they used to secure mining and production rights to a gold mine in Madagascar. They produce 3kg of gold per week there and 135kg of gold was stored in Hong Kong with the express purpose of providing direct exchange between that physical gold and the issued KBC coin.

Not content to stop there, they opened the Karatbit full-spectrum cryptocurrency exchange with a bang!

Karatbars projects a 50-fold increase in coin value by July 4, 2019

Based on the current price of KBC, this announcement by the CEO, which he made in person as well as posted on his Facebook page, is yet another way for the average person to amass large amounts of gold. 1g of gold only costs you 1 or 2 dollars right now - yes you read that right. Let's do the math:

  1. On July 4, 2019 100 KBC can be redeemed for 1g of gold
  2. Today, you can get 100 KBC for 1 or 2 bucks. 
  3. 1 or 2 bucks for a gram of gold is 30 times cheaper than you can get it elsewhere.

Karatbars projects an additional 100 fold gain in 5 years

In 5 years, Harald expects 1 KBC coin to be backed by 1g of gold. That means 2 cents worth of the coin now gets you 1g of gold in 5 years. This figure is realistic for Karatbars for 2 reasons. First, they have led the world in gold production and sales of 24k gold over the past 7 years. Second because they have spearheaded 6 additional business, each of which is a billion dollar industry:

  1. A gold mine
  2. A cryptocurrency exchange
  3. Bank accounts for their banks, located in Miami, Hong Kong and Germany.
  4. A cryptocurrency phone produced by Sony
  5. A digital stock exchange operated on the blockchain and therefore cross-border.
  6. 2 million ATM machines.

And 50% of all profits from these endeavors is used to buy more gold and strengthen the backing of KBC.

So about that 1 or 2 bucks getting you 100 KBC...

well, guess what when 1 KBC = 1g, you just got yourself 100 grams of gold for 1 or 2 bucks a $6,500 value. Wanna be a millionaire??? Buy $200 worth of KBC now and kick back for 5 years, i.e, reap a passive 5000-fold growth in the coin. And 5000-fold growth is nothing in the crypto world - every coin that costs 5000 satoshis has grown 5000-fold. And Ethereum costs 1 million times more than it initially cost.


Leverage is what allows a little child to lift an adult and leverage is how the wealthy seek to earn income - do as little work as possible (preferably none) and receive ever-increasing revenue from a process started one time. 

The big difference with Karatbars is that the average person can experience huge huge leverage in a myriad of ways:

  1. Saving in gold becomes a team effort leading to free gold or significant income.
  2. Holding the KBC coin yields gigantic profits from even a small purchase - $200 (two-hundred) dollars yielding 1 million (one-million) dollars is exactly what those figures project.
  3. The KCB coin is the other karatbars coin... while KBC offers a direct exchange between itself and gold, KCB tracks the profitability of the company's billion dollar industries. EACH profitable transaction by the company leads to profitability for both coins
  4. Installing an ATM machine in your buddy's small business means a kickback in fees for you and him forever.