Returning the World to Honest Money is of Immense Value to the World and You.

Let's break that phrase "honest money" down. By honest money, we mean something with intrinsic value. The US Dollar used to be a direct substitute for gold --- you could walk into a bank, give them a dollar bill and get a gram of gold. That all changed on August 15, 1971 and since then the dollar has plummeted in purchasing power. Dishonest money means your entire life savings could be up in smoke overnight. Really.


Being paid everytime someone makes a bank transaction because 50% of your bank's profits are distributed to the holders of the bank's cryptocurrency. Every time someone buys/sells/transfers gold via the mobile app. Or uses gold to make a purchase. Or pays their monthly bill on their crypto smartphone. Or someone makes a transaction at an ATM that you helped the small business owner get installed. The golden age of mankind will be here in a blink of an eye thanks to this marriage of technology and compassion.

Karatbars International sold more gold than any company in the world in the past 7 years. And now they have established a physical bank (one in Miami, one in Hong Kong) with the express purpose of returning gold to the masses and the world to honest money!

A brief overview of karatbars and a small taste of the power of the cryptocurrency

A few bullet points from the above video:

  1. Gold has increased about 10% per year versus government currencies. When you deposit your capital in the bank, you get a 1% yield and they get 9%
  2. Karatpay app makes it easy to send gold as payment.
  3. Karatcoin Bank is the world's first cryptocoin bank with offices in Miami, FL and Hong Kong. The fees from all bank transactions increase the value of the Karatbars cryptocurrencies.
  4. Karatbit Exchange will allow gold, fiat and crypto to be traded.
  5. Blockchain based Smartphone in development. 

Major bullet points from the above presentation

  1. Between 2011 and 2018, Karatbars became the number company in the world in both the sale and production of 24k gold.
  2. On July 4, 2019, 100 KBC coins will be backed by 1g gold. The 5 year target is for 1 (ONE) KBC coin to be backed by 1g gold. 
  3. While KBC coins are directly backed by grams of gold, KCB coins are "backed" by the fees of the Karatcoin Bank - all of the fees - ATM machines installed in local businesses, wire fees, cryptocurrency exchange fees, etc. 

The fee earnings that monetize the KCB coin are immense and at 14:20 the speaker drops the bomb: as the bank makes money, 50% of the profits are used to buy gold, to deepen the backing of the coin. There are numerous fees that the bank will acquire daily:

  1. 2 million crypto phones ordered in exclusive agreement with Sony. Customized for the Karatcoin Bank.
  2. Cryptocurrency exchange
  3. Digital stock exchange
  4. 20,000 ATM machines ordered and being installed as we speak.
  5. Bank accounts
  6. Gold mine in Madagascar producing 3kg of gold per week

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Investor Slide Deck Presentation

Killer presentation with some inside details (I will get the audio added next Sunday if they have the same webinar).

Let's do the math

So you are getting 60,000 KCB coins for 3000 euros... that's 5 cents per coin. How much do you think a coin backed by all the activities of a FULL SERVICE BANK will be worth? And not just any old bank, a bank designed to return the world to honest money - god's money.

You might want to just buy KCB on the open market

Before things get confusing, please understand that Karatbars has 2 coins:

  1. KBC is released on the open market and trading for about 1 penny right now. It is a coin intended to be redeemable for 1g of gold. And this is a big loss from the ICO price of 14 cents per coin. Each time that KBC jumps, we see a gigantic sell-off from the early investors.
  2. KCB is a coin that tracks the profit of the bank's services as a whole. It is not released at the moment. And perhaps 5 cents per coin is not a good idea based on what we see in KBC at the moment? I don't know, we may not see a dump in KBC before it rises steadily.

Like what you see?

Then register. Or feel free to check out a bit more information. Or check out a whole heck of a lot more information such as: