If you have a FICO score of 700, we have $50,000 to $150,000 for your bank account

Our funding agents do not mess around. Personal funding is done solely on your FICO score and stated income. How do they work their magic? Well the screenshot shows you... ok, so you probably only qualify for about 10% of your annual income at a single lender right? But what happens when a skilled funding agent applies at 30 or 40 such lenders before any hard inquiries show up? It means you get money from a bunch of lenders instead of just that one.

I made a mistake and tried to do funding myself. It did not work out. Before enlisting a skilled funding agent. I went to one place and got rejected. My funder regularly gets 50k from these people. But she knows how to apply - she does it all day and trains her processors to do the same. I basically cheated myself out of about 100k by trying to get money myself. I was better off paying the success fee and getting the results of a seasoned professional funder.

So if you want 50k to 150k in your bank account based solely on your 700 FICO credit score

  1. Get ready to pay the funder 20% of what they get for you. The funding aint cheap but that really shouldn't matter.
  2. Upload your tri-merged credit report when you contact me.
  3. Get ready for 50 to 150k to enter your bank account.