Real financial freedom requires all of the following elements:

Element1 = Passive monthly income - monthly bills 

If you owe $7,000 per month in bills/groceries/etc and your monthly passive cashflow is $10,000 then you score 3000 on Element1 of real financial freedom.

Element 2 = the number of grams of gold you acquire passively every month

Gold is real money. Paper money was invented as a gold substitute. When a nation leaves the gold standard, that nation has a 100% rate of collapse. Therefore the number of grams of gold you acquire every month passively is a strong measure of your genuine financial freedom.

Element3 = Wealth distributed across multiple wealthy nations.

Where is the next nation due to collapse without notice? I don't know. But I want to be ready.

Element4 = Wealth protected by trusts.

Common law and natural law trump the attempts of artificial governments to access your holdings. All of the wealthy know this and establish trusts for this purpose. The two individuals I'm aware of with active programs to establish trusts do it in a different fashion.

Tyler starts by restructuring the trust that was established for you a birth by your birth certificate. This is known as status correction and when you are done, you are no longer a U.S. citizen, but an American national. Then he establishes more trusts for you later for the purposes of wealth protection. Taansen, on the other hand, does his trust formation with people who still maintain their U.S. citizenship.