Rules for Interacting with People and Businesses

I'm an optimist. I'm a believer. I care for others and want the best for them. I do believe in get-rich-quick schemes. However, as a result of being so open, I have been used to the tune of 10s to thousands of dollars.

Get contracts in writing

This is the most important thing. Once you have a written agreement with someone and a reversible payment method, then the dispute process is straighforward - simply show what was promised (IN WRITING) and the vendor must document that they provided it. And when they can't the dispute closes in your favor and you receive your funds back.

Have you exit plan ready

How long do you have to dispute the item? Is the way you paid disputable? For instance, at PayPal, you can only dispute items paid for as a good or service, not if it was sent as "to friends and family." In that case, you might be able to dispute it with the credit card company that was used as the payment method.

If it's too good to be true...

If something seems too good to be true, then it is out of your comfort zone. I am more of a person who believes in growing in steady steps. If I wanted to be able to do 100 push-ups, I would start with 5 or 10 and then when that was comfortable, I would add 5 or 10 more until I made it to 100.

I personally am firmly against the idea of "being the yellow" so you can keep growing. 

Allow yourself to grow into this new idea at your own pace.

Are you rushing?

How much time passed between the time you heard about this new exciting thing and you rushed into it? If there is no financial obligation on your part (and if you have confirmed this by reading the written contract you are getting into) then fine.

If you feel pressured

  • If someone is talking fast about their deal
  • If they are insisting on more than you want to invest or can afford to lose
  • If you are risking your last silver dollar for this
  • If your palms are sweaty or your underarms are perspiring.

You get the idea, there is something wrong with the deal. And that is why many states have cool-down periods of 72 hours to account for buyer's remorse.

Only supply the needed information

This is a big problem with me. I want to appear open and trusting and so I reveal personal information quickly and freely with new people. The only problem is the other party is not doing the same - one person is acting trusting and the other party is using this to their advantage.

I realize that being gushy and sharing is a way to build trust and it's good to sell yourself. But there is also the statement: "educate later, sell now" and one of the best things you can do is simply supply to a person what they have asked of you and be quiet. Silence is a powerful force.

Now, I am not suggesting that you do like the US goverment and dupe people into hidden contracts - they have hidden many things from US citizens for the express purpose of benefitting the elite and turning the masses into underpaid overworked slaves.

But be very careful with how much information you give to people, especially people/businesses you have just met and don't have a long (meaning 5-10 year) established relationship with.

Are they licensed/vetted?

If the product/service is not being issued in a licensed arena, then the process of vetting is more difficult. But the more written data they can supply for licensed authorities, they more they deserve your trust. And the less they can give, for whatever reason, makes them more suspect.

Now the only problem is that our federal government is very corrupt and deceptive. And all of their minions have fallen into their hip pocket. This is just one small example of a federal organization manufacturing evidence to frame someone.

So a federal agency ratifying someone really just means they went along with the rules of that agency.

How did you hear of them?

This speaks for itself... sort of. I've met some very brilliant people who are homeless and broke. Some of the best chess players I know do not have their own chess academy. But there is a lot to be said for acquiring information from a "reputable" source versus a random text message you got from some yahoo.

What does your mother think?

Or maybe substitute "mother" for some people who can look at the situation objectively. 

Get your seed investment out FAST

I dont know how many times I have had the pipe dream of compound interest bite me in the ass. My account is growing and growing and growing and then POW! The market crashes or POW! The SEC steps in and closes down the operation. You will get to your desired goal slower if you take out your seed capital, but at least you won't receive a painful kick in the groin if the plug gets pulled on you.

If it fails...

How much impact will complete failure of this be? Will you shrug it off with a smile or grit your teeth in bitterness? To this day, I remember when I was about 8 years old. My parents were driving through Atlantic City and this woman was stalking after this man, wagging her finger at him. I don't know what happened. I'm only creating a story. But my guess is he took money they couldn't afford to lose and was hoping for that one big shot to go from zero to hero overnight and it didn't happen.

That's all folks

Take your time, do your research. Remember the success story of Rocky? It involved getting up early, drinking milk and eggs and working really hard. The wrong hard work will not yield leverage. But working hard to achieve leverage is smart and worthwhile.