How to Ensure Your Wealth Goes to Your Loved Ones

Most people everywhere fail to give proper thought to ensuring their wealth is passed on the way they want.  Far too often, taxes, probate and greedy advisors can eat away at your nest egg, leaving less available for your heirs or favorite charities.
But thankfully, there are some solid options out there.  The middle class (not just the wealthy) should have an estate plan – and it’s not just about avoiding taxes.  The easiest way to ensure your estate goes to the people (and charities) you care about is to create and operate a House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust (NLT), sold by Brilliance in Commerce. 
The NLT ensures your wealth doesn’t get caught in the expensive and privacy-invading process of probate.  It makes a will less important or redundant.  It makes all restrictive and statutory forms of asset protection unnecessary.  And it surpasses the entire field of both statutory and nonstatutory entities out there, including “common law trusts”.  It has corrected the mistakes made in those, and given three generations of fortunate operators the pleasure of quietly remaining protected, private, and free, with a 100% success rate.