Squash the IRS and Taxes!

As I write this, at the age of 50, I am starting to realize I have been the victim of mass hypnosis on a broad area of topics. In the area of financial freedom, a $30,000 tax bill from the IRS was almost too much to bear. I had worked hard to make income and make ends meet in my first year as a self-employed person and then all a sudden, someone else decides they are entitled to 30% or more of what I earned even though they didn't have a single thing to do with the generation of that income.

The Mass Hypnosis Goes Deeper

Not only was I not required to file or pay income tax, but less than 5 cents of every thousand dollars paid on income tax supports any federal concerns - it all funnels almost entirely into the pockets of the greedy, evil Federal Reserve.

Where is the law that says you must file and pay income tax?

This is an excellent question and I will defer the answer to the income tax freedom fighting organizations.

What can I do about it?

If you choose to remain a US Citizen, then the above-mentioned income tax freedom fighting organizations have remedies for you. It is very empowering to hear success story after success story on their weekly calls. That being said, my personal preference is to leave their field of play altogether by a process known as "Status Correction".


Once you are no longer a US Citizen, you have sent a clear signal that you must be dealt with on different terms.