So how do you become financially free?

Well, the answer for me changes the more I learn about the monetary system. Just as soon as I think I know the entire path, a new jewel to add to the picture comes to light.

My journey to financial freedom began when I was terminated without notice on December 9, 2016. Merry Christmas! Something had been urging me to take out a big loan. I planned to use it as a down payment for an income-producing house. But due to inability to land another J.O.B. I spent the next few cold months indoors in Staten Island, NY living off of that loan. 

During that time of unemployment, I decided I had had enough of depending on others for income. I was tired of having to report to an office for work. I was tired of being fired at the whim of another. And Now, I'm writing this website as a guide to what I wish I had known then.

Well, what is true financial freedom?

True financial freedom consists of the following:

  1. The first factor is financial freedom is defined by the amount of passive monthly cashflow that you receive in excess of your monthly bills.
  2. Cashflow is measured in the currency offered by a government, e.g. the US dollar, the Japanese yen, etc. Historically, when a government curency leaves the gold standard, it devalues to it's true value of zero, 100% of the time. This being the case, you are not financially free when all of your holdings are in a government-issued currency. The amount of gold that you acquire passively every month is therefore the 2nd criteria in true financial freedom.
  3. Do you know which nation is going to collapse yet? Neither do I, that is why geographic distribution of wealth is the 3rd factor in true financial freedom
  4. Do you know why things like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Clinton Foundation exist? It's so that they can amass large amounts of tax-free wealth. Freedom from government control of your finances is the final factor in true financial freedom.

I realize this is a tall order. Most people will be happy with step 1. A few will move on to step 2. Even fewer to step 3. But Step 4 is actually a good move to start as soon you decide on step 1, because it gives you a wide range of strategies that are not available to people who are not private citizens.

Pathways to Financial Freedom

Now that you know the difference between true financial freedom and apparent financial freedom let's take a look at some pathways to financial freedom. You are now educated enough to see if the particular path offers all 4 elements of real financial freedom or just some of them.

Funding, Invest, Retire in 90 Days (FIR90)

FIR90 is really simple

  1. We make sure you are credit-worthy from a personal and/or business standpoint.
  2. We leverage your credit to get you a whole lot of cash in 30 days or less
  3. We put the cash into high-yield investments
  4. You kick back on the profits while the principle works month after month to bring you more and more cash.

4th Way Gold Acquisition

Gold is real money. Currently, governments are following the historically treacherous monetary policy of using currency not backed by gold. Currency not backed by gold has a 100% batting average of devaluating to ZERO. This puts everything you have in this fake currency at risk. It is vital to acquire large amounts of gold, but the average person lacks the resources to do so - typically. However, stepping outside the box, a brilliant company heralding from Stuttgart, Germany has made gold available to the masses - now anyone with a burning desire to acquire a gold empire can do so and do it any way they please.

Be Your Own Bank (BYOB)

BYOB takes about 1 year. Here's how you do it:

  1. You start as a funding marketer, advertising funding. When interested parties contact you, you refer interested clients to the funding consultant. Once you close a deal, you sign on with the lenders as a funding consultant.
  2. As a funding consultant, you take leads produced by the funding marketers and collect their applications and submit to the broker.
  3. You are sitting on so much revenue that you can now be the lender yourself and collect daily payments from lending capital.