Be it resolved this 5th day of August, 2020 that the not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, MASK UP MANATEE COALITION, INC., is hereby organized and is to be known henceforth by the name “MASK UP MANATEE COALITION”, hereafter the “Coalition”, is hereby organized for the purpose of educating parents, business owners and government officials, of the many dangers involved with promoting mask wearing, especially for children.

We hereby adopt the scientific evidence and findings of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regarding the use of masks as currently being dangerously promoted by many people in our communities:

Paragraph (d)(2)(iii) of the Respiratory Protection Standard considers any atmosphere with an oxygen level below 19.5 percent to be oxygen-deficient and immediately dangerous to life or health. To ensure that employees have a reliable source of air with an oxygen content of at least 19.5 percent, paragraphs (d)(2)(i)(A) and (d)(2)(i)(B) of the Respiratory Protection Standard require employers working under oxygen-deficient conditions to provide their employees with a self-contained breathing apparatus or a combination full-facepiece pressure-demand supplied-air respirator with auxiliary self-contained air supply. In the preamble to the final Respiratory Protection Standard, OSHA discussed extensively its rationale for requiring that employees breathe air consisting of at least 19.5 percent oxygen. The following excerpt, taken from the preamble, explains the basis for this requirement:

Human beings must breathe oxygen . . . to survive, and begin to suffer adverse health effects when the oxygen level of their breathing air drops below [19.5 percent oxygen]. Below 19.5 percent oxygen . . . , air is considered oxygen-deficient. At concentrations of 16 to 19.5 percent, workers engaged in any form of exertion can rapidly become symptomatic as their tissues fail to obtain the oxygen necessary to function properly (Rom, W., Environmental and Occupational Medicine, 2nd ed.; Little, Brown; Boston, 1992).

Increased breathing rates, accelerated heartbeat, and impaired thinking or coordination occur more quickly in an oxygen-deficient environment. Even a momentary loss of coordination may be devastating to a worker if it occurs while the worker is performing a potentially dangerous activity, such as climbing a ladder.

Concentrations of 12 to 16 percent oxygen cause tachypnea (increased breathing rates), tachycardia

(accelerated heartbeat), and impaired attention, thinking, and coordination (e.g., Ex. 25-4), even in people who are resting.

At oxygen levels of 10 to 14 percent, faulty judgment, intermittent respiration, and exhaustion can be expected even with minimal exertion (Exs. 25-4 and 150). Breathing air containing 6 to 10 percent oxygen results in nausea, vomiting, lethargic movements, and perhaps unconsciousness. Breathing air containing less than 6 percent oxygen produces convulsions, then apnea (cessation of breathing), followed by cardiac standstill. These symptoms occur immediately. Even if a worker survives the hypoxic insult, organs may show evidence of hypoxic damage, which may be irreversible (Exs. 25-4 and 150; also reported in Rom, W. [see reference in previous paragraph]).

Richard E. Fairfax, Director of OSHA Enforcement Programs, 2007

(Federal Register, Vol. 63, p. 1159.) The rule-making record for the Respiratory Protection Standard clearly justifies adopting the requirement that air breathed by employees must have an oxygen content of at least 19.5 percent. A lesser concentration of oxygen in employees' breathing air could endanger them physiologically and diminish their ability to cope with other hazards that may be present in the workplace. The rulemaking record also demonstrates that any workplace atmosphere controlled at or near your recommended minimal oxygen level of 100 mm of mercury at sea level (equivalent to about 13 percent oxygen at sea level) is not safe and healthful for all employees. Exposing employees to partial pressures of oxygen that approach 100 mm of mercury at sea level leaves them with no margin of safety from potentially debilitating effects, which could appear suddenly and without warning.


The formation of this Coalition was announced in Manatee County, Florida, today, August 5th 2020, by Jennifer Bencie, Cynthia Saunders and Scott Hopes and is currently managed by SINGLETON PRESS, PMA (a private membership association, which may be contacted at singletonpress@protonmail.com or via mail at Post Office Box 781341, Orlando, Florida.


This organization is intended to operate in perpetuity or until the fake pandemic is finally known, discovered and or admitted by those who are not perpetrating this on the members of our community.


The registered agent upon whom official service of process can be made is SINGLETON PRESS, PMA, at the address of 420 Salt Meadow Circle, Bradenton, Florida 34208. Waiver of service can be requested via email from singletonpress@protonmail.com.


Each founding member retains an undivided beneficial interest in the Coalition. It is not the intent of any one member to benefit financially from this Coalition and it is not the intent of any member or of this Coalition to obtain or use any funds that have been allocated or set aside by any government or group of people for its own purposes. We rely upon the generosity of others and their resources to help us meet the needs of our community and fulfill the objectives of this Coalition.


This Coalition is organized for the benefit of the community of people who live in Manatee County, Florida and operates by the law of associations. It is expected that some of the activities in which the Coalition is engaged may affect and hopefully benefit people in communities outside of Florida, but it is the intent of its organizers to benefit people living in Florida.

The Coalition is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes and is precluded from qualifying for or receiving any emergency funds, public funds from any government office or agency, or funds originating from the World Bank Group or the World Health Organization. The Coalition is to be funded by the donation of private resources on an as-needed basis, along with the help of volunteers, such as through joint ventures with people and other private organizations.

No part of the net earnings of the Coalition shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the Coalition shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article Third hereof. No substantial part of the activities of the Coalition shall including publishing propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the Coalition shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, the Coalition shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by a corporation exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or (b) by a corporation, contributions to which are deductible under section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


It is the purpose of this organization to enable the people of this community, especially parents and business owners, to make an informed decision about the non-scientific rhetoric now being permitted to be broadcast and published by the news media. Therefore, we have adopted the following tenets:

1. Viruses are not contagious pathogens as has been falsely portrayed in the movies. This dates back to Pasteur’s false “Germ Theory” which was always, even at the time, dis-proven by Béchamp’s “Terrain Theory” which has never been dis-proven: “Pathogens of any kind are not contagious between people, the body produces viruses to clean the body, not the opposite.” People become ill because their immune systems are a biofeedback mechanism that is triggered by their environment (terrain), not subject to being infected by any contagious pathogen.

2. The so-called “Covid-19 Virus” has never been proven to exist by any scientific standard. Bulgarian and Italian scientists and physicians along with many physicians in the United Kingdom and the United States, including Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Vernon Coleman, some of whom have recently conducted independent examinations, including autopsies, and concluded that no such “Covid-19” virus exists anywhere and that “it” has never infected or killed anyone.

3. Physicians, hospitals and coroners are being over-paid (bribed) to re-classify medical conditions to give the appearance of a so-called “Covid-19 infection or death”. Any of these professionals that refuse to participate in the fraud are removed, reassigned, fired or disparaged and slandered in the news.

4. Wearing a mask, as people are now being told to do, does not prevent anyone from getting any kind of sickness, not in the least, and in fact, it creates unsafe conditions that have been proven to lead to bacterial infections such as pleurisy, organ damage and even death. The practice of wearing a mask has been used for centuries to punish criminals and slaves. We have determined that requiring our children to wear, what used to be known as a “Scold’s Bridal” is no less of an atrocity than was the holocaust of World War II.

5. The practice of “social distancing” has no basis in science and in no way protects anyone from getting sick from anything. We have discovered that the “six feet apart” suits the needs of data collection involving the resolution of your cell phone network (GPS) and that the location of people is being connected to their phone data and used on the illegal electronic “contact tracing” programs. “Social distancing” has nothing to do with preventing illness and everything to do with illegal electronic surveillance, eventually leading to people being kidnapped from their homes and having their children separated and human trafficking. This has already begun happening in various cities around the world.

6. The current “Covid-19” is not a virus, it is a business franchise of the association between the World Health Organization and the World Bank Group that is providing the funds to bribe governments to continue perpetrating this fraud and declaring states of emergency so that they can bail themselves out with the free money from FEMA funds and the World Bank Group.

7. Making children wear masks in school and “social distance” and washing hands frequently will do nothing for education but it will certainly create irreversible psychological damage while also risk the health and well-being of the children as has been proven by OSHA safety standards, 29 CFR §1910.134.

8. It is well-known that sunlight, exercise outside, time at the beach and chlorinated swimming pools and spending time with friends and family and even working outside, are the best sources of health and well-being, both for our physical and psychological health. We want to promote the practice of daily socializing and visiting the beach and swimming pools and outdoor exercise as a means to promote optimum health for everyone, especially the children in our communities. Even if there was a contagious pathogen, it would never survive in these environments.

9. We also want to promote team sports and encourage everyone to join a team or club of some kind that involves outdoor soccer, baseball, football, tennis and any other sport that people enjoy. We want our parks restored so that children can play on the equipment. It is ill-advised to shut down parks and recreation facilities on the erroneous belief that people using them will create a health hazard or “spread a pandemic”. These false claims are perpetrated by those participating in the disaster fraud and we want to end the disaster fraud claims now being made under the false declarations of states of emergency.

10. The United States, the state of Florida (along with every other state), the County of Manatee and other Florida counties and cities, are participating in a scheme known as “disaster fraud” and there are currently several investigations into this where the money being paid to these agencies is being traced to determine the responsible parties.

11. The executive orders recently issued by the governor, the counties and cities have no force or effect of law in relation to people or private businesses. There is no legal basis for any of them as executive orders are not binding on people or private businesses but are only authorized to pertain to government agencies, usually within the executive branch of government. Businesses are not required to place labeling and arrows and decals, walking in mazes, and plastic visors between cashiers and customers or reduce capacity of patrons, and those measures do absolutely nothing for the health of anyone.

12. The push to get everyone to participate in the fake pandemic is also an epidemiological experiment that was made illegal following World War II under the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki as well as adopted into United States government regulations 21 CFR §50.20. We believe that it is immoral to allow our children and the people of our community to be subjected to an illegal epidemiological experiment, especially without their knowledge and consent.

13. Wearing a mask is a medical intervention that requires the advice of a physician who first knows the patient’s medical condition and needs, and who can competently advise the patient about the risks and benefits of wearing a mask, and thereby allow the patient to make his own informed consent. The “informed consent” is a property right and it is protected by state law, the Florida Patient’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities and the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992. It is illegal for anyone, especially a non-licensed, untrained individual to tell anyone that he is required to take such a medical intervention, especially with such dire health consequences that are never disclosed, in fact, hidden.

14. “Covid-19” is a fake pandemic, it is a theatrical production, it is the next in a series of “table top exercises” or simulations that involves live-action-role-playing in which most people are unaware they are participating. It was preceded by others; just thirty days before the commencement of the Covid-19 production, another one took place between the dates of October 18 through December 31, 2019. It was known as “Event 201” and the fictitious virus in that scenario was called “CAPS”. The one before that one took place in 2018 and it was known as “Clade X”. The difference between the current production and the previous ones is that “Covid-19” has actually commandeered public resources and real emergency funds that were set aside for actual emergencies, not this theatrical production.

15. It is also the purpose of this coalition to document incidents of disaster fraud being perpetrated against our emergency funds and other public resources and have them investigated and the perpetrators prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, beginning with the governor and every office holder in each city and county and certain judges who have been involved in making these false claims and taking emergency funds under these false pretenses.

16. We must also take notice that this subject necessarily involves vaccines and therefore the most recent case in which Robert Kennedy Jr. prevailed against the United States to establish the following:

a) “Government funding was pulled from Gates Foundation, WHO and CDC (Centre for Disease Control). U.S. Government lost a LANDMARK VACCINE LAWSUIT!”

b) “Vaccine injury lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, producer of the suppressed vaccine documentary, ‘VAXXED’ and the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) are credited with this victory.”

c) “They demanded the relevant government documents proving that all federally approved vaccines had been tested for quality over the past 32 years — and there were NONE”, absolutely no proof that any vaccine has ever prevented or cured any disease!

d) This lawsuit also produced evidence in court proving that vaccines have not been tested and are in fact contributing to the current accelerated percentages in the areas of autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), allergic reactions, cancers and a host of others conditions.


The management of this Coalition shall remain exclusively with SINGLETON PRESS, PMA, to avoid any commingling or misuse of public funds with which the founders may be associated. Until otherwise amended, the voting rights shall remain with the manager. Additional directors may be elected or appointed as described in the Coalition by-laws.


Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, this Coalition shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the purposes of this Coalition.


The Coalition adopts the logo appearing herein as the official logo for the MASK UP MANATEE COALITION:

The official website for the Coalition is www.maskupmanateecoalition.org.


Upon the dissolution of the Coalition, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a court of competent jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this 5th day of August, 2020.

John Jay Singleton